Creation Revelation Redemption


A triptych event by Udi Aloni on the occasion of the play Third Generation – Next Generation

One hundred years ago, Franz Rosenzweig introduced the world to his monumental book The Star of Redemption, which was written in kind of a trance while he was serving in the First World War.  One hundred years later, Udi Aloni went to work at The Freedom Theater in Jenin Refugee Camp, only to end up finding his own star of redemption and in doing so, reconnecting to the spirit of Franz Rosenzweig in the most unexpected place.
In occasion of the production Third Generation – Next Generation,  Udi Aloni will follow this spirit and take us into the star, gliding between creation revelation, and redemption. Constructed from films, singing, acting and talking, the triptych will be composed of three events in Studio Я.

»Aloni's secular theology is definitely one of the most fascinating innovations of our time.« (Slavoj Žižek)

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