Die Ungehaltenen_Maxim Gorki Theater

Die Ungehaltenen

Elyas lives in Kreuzberg and spends his afternoons alone in the pub. He only visits Uncle Cemal from time to time. Because Cemal has kept his natural wit, even though he lost his home twice: first Turkey and then, after the fall of the wall, his Kreuzberg neighborhood as well. But when Elyas meets the young doctor Aylin, they embark together on a road trip from Berlin through Istanbul and along the Black Sea coast, on which they not only get to know themselves better but also others. With live music from Volkan T., Hakan Savaş Mican stages Deniz Utlu's debut novel. It portrays the sentiment of an entire generation: The indignant ones – they are the ones who stayed, though no one wanted them, the ones who returned, without knowing where, and the ones who search, without ever finding.

A production in the context of »Dogland 2« in cooperation with the Ballhaus Naunynstraße, sponsored by the Capital Cultural Fund


Premiere: 30th of May, 2015




Elmira Bahrami

Volkan Türeli

Mehmet Yılmaz


»Trotz des harten Denkstoffs ein jederzeit angenehmer Abend.«

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