Hrant Dink


Ein Abend aus Anlass des 11. Todestages von Hrant Dİnk

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11 years ago, on January 2007, Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was shot in Istanbul in front of the building that housed his Agos newspaper. Even though the murderer has been convicted and condemned, the masterminds in the government machinery have yet to be held accountable. And there are reasons why. Hrant Dink always stood for reconciliation between Armenians and Turks, was relentless in making the perpetrators’ responsibility for the genocide a subject of discussion and tirelessly demanded the democratization of today’s Turkey. In the meantime, the climate that made the murder of Hrant Dirk possible has intensified.

»The more Hrant wrote, the deeper he dug his own grave,« says Can Dündar, former editor-in chief of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, who is now declared to be a target not only by the mob on the street, but also by the Turkish president himself. Can Dündar compiled a selection of Hrant Dink’s texts for the commemorative event in 2017. These are contrasted with the interrogation records of the defendants in the murder trial and current information about the ongoing murder trial. In the production from Hakan Savaş Mican and Arsinée Khanjian, Can Dündar gives shape to the evening together with Gorki actors Mehmet Ateşçi and Elmira Bahrami, and musician and composer François Regis. Again, the band Collectif Medz Bazar, a band that was established 2012 in Paris, forms the last act with a concert on stage that mixes up Armenian, Kurdish, Turkish, Arabian and Persian song traditions with elements of pop music.

In thought of Hrant Dirk, the evening is framed by two movies. Gülengül Altıntaş’ docufiction Don’t Get Lost Children tells the story of the Armenian orphanage Kamp Aren in Istanbul / Tuzla, where Hrant Dink grew up and which he managed later on. There he met his wife Rakel Dink. Her »last speech« at Hrant Dinks funeral service in Istanbul is subject to the second short movie called No darkness will make us forget! by Hüseyin Karabey.

THANK YOU Yetvart Dinzakyan (Agos), Norayr Olgar, Murat Gözoğlu und Zeynep Taşkın (Hrant Dink Stiftung Istanbul), Tûba Çandar, Osman Okkan, Emrah Cilasun, Cumhuriyet Gazetesi, Özgür Ersoy, Vural Keser, Regenbogen Buchhandlung, u.v.a. MITARBEIT Robert F. Kellner (Videoton), Fatih Demir (Fotomotiv Agos) ÜBERSETZUNGEN Mahmut Birsin, Günter Seufert, Waltraud Perfler, Cemal Ener, Tunçay Kulaoğlu QUELLEN Agos, Hrant Dink Stiftung Istanbul, »Hrant«, Tûba Çandar, Everest Yayınları, Istanbul 2010, »Dink Cinayeti ve İstihbarat Yalanları«, Nedim Şener, Destek Yayınevi, Istanbul 2012, »Hrant Dink – Von der Saat der Worte«, Hrsg. Günter Seufert, Verlag Hans Schiller 2015, Anadolu Ajansı,,,,

A MAXIM GORKI THEATER production for the season 2017/2018

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Can Dündar


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