Hier bin ich geboren
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Hier bin ich geboren

Ein Heimat- und Liederabend von und mit Mareike Beykirch und Johannes Maria Schmit

2015 and Gundermann. The West and Gundermann. A young man, very from the West, more specifically from a West German province, gets to know the music of the East Legend, from the excavator driver, the staunch socialist. He builds a bridge over the entire republic in the east with the help of Gundermann's texts. The songs of Gundermann set to music his permanent search, the listening to the heart of the province and the absolute flee to places that promise more and break these promises.
... and a friend from Pankow named Daniela Petrozzi - Pankow, this is the East German province - showed me Gundermann ... and then met something that is difficult to describe sociologically ... anyway, since then I am regularly haunted by nostalgia ... as if my country had been pulled away under my back and only the landscape was still there ...


Mareike Beykirch

Johannes Maria Schmit

Hannes Buder