Die 70. Stunde stagediving

Die 70. Stunde

An evening with the young artists from Gorki

Four evenings in one, and the opportunity to make use of a stage in a radically diverse way: the 70th hour. The moment, in which the invisible network of the theatre that weaves the Gorki's structures together finds its own aesthetic. In which the particular thematics, aesthetic forms, collaborations that are present between the hands of the clock as a utopia of one’s own theatre work, are expressed. Enshrined in a collective that combines different ways of thinking with different approaches, an opportunity is created to tell of that which emerges between organisation and inspiration as its own urgency – an open space to play for the next generation!

Direction Noemi Berkowitz Choreography Carly Lave Dramaturgy Nuria Köchling, Sandra Wolf Stage Luisa Puschendorf, Katharina Scheicher Costumes Ottavia Tröster Videoart Indexthumb (Will Hamilton)
With Mareike Dobberthien, Nika Mišković, Željko Marović
In German and English 

All over the world, certain people find themselves stuck at borders, caught on the wrong side of the unjust game of freedom of movement. While forced to wait for an indefinite amount of time, they search for reasons and meaning. An investigation of history, laws, injustice, freedom of movement, and and the limits imposed on that freedom.

Direction Dominika Julia Homa Dramaturgy Maike Müller Stage Jeeyoung Shin Costumes Franziska Müller Video Felix Heibges
With Elena Schmidt, Magda Roma Przybylska
In German and Polish with German and Polish Surtitels
Does one reality transform into another, if it exists in another mouth - in another tongue? Is a change of language always accompanied by a change of meaning? This grey area is the entry to an arrangement of the labyrinth of our realities: on the basis of formally different stage languages and fragmented essays of Herta Müller, these shifts are being questioned in a multilingual choir. 

Direction Isabella Sedlak Choreography Therese Nübling Dramaturgy Sami Maazouzi, Sandra Wolf Stage Christine Ruynat Costumes Franziska Müller Sound Gerrit Netzlaff
Video Lutz Knospe Assistance Lynn Musiol
With Lindy Larsson, Yousef Sweid, Benny Claessens (Video)
In German 

Whilst Mephisto has no effect as an image of horror anymore, a phantom of the arabic gangster has an increasing effect on society and politics. 
A story about demonized characters which loosen themselves from their assigned roles is staged with the help of Goethe, Milton and the actors’ experiences of portraying these characters.Through linguistic and physical reflection a binary understanding of the world is to be questioned, with its classifications of good and evil, top and bottom, male and female.

Direction Ariana Battaglia Dramaturgy Sandra Wolf  Stage Luisa Puschendorf, Katharina Scheicher Costumes Ottavia Tröster 
With Nathalie Seiß
In German

We need to talk! About that which is not named in our everyday life, about which we cannot talk in specific terminology, whose existence many people don’t even know of. An intimate conversation invites to take time, to name this assumed gaps or blank spaces as clear and simple as possible. To enlighten. So this kind of ritualistic Candle Light Ted Talk calls for nothing less than the exploration of the excluded, the origin of the world.

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Auf Deutsch / In German

Anschließend Party im Foyer mit DJs* Broccoli & Dozilla


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Auf Deutsch / In German

Anschließend Party im Foyer mit DJs* Broccoli & Dozilla



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