The Making-of

The Making-of

A film director wants to put together a superhero remake, made in Germany. But some crew members aren't quite ready for the pressure of their roles. Crisis-shaken supermen, free-spirited fi lmmakers, a ridiculously bold plot, and a shot of predator romanticism comprise the makings of a cryptic comedy In The Making-of, Nora Abdel-Maksoud stirs up »hot potato« themes that will burn your fi ngers. A wicked satire about the film business and theatrical ideals, a desperate hosanna to the paradox of acting and an optimistic swan song for roles that no one can really fulfil. All presented by means of performance strategies that torpedo attribution, cut in real time and completely shot without a camera – but live and in 3D!

Uraufführung: 13. Januar 2017

Eine Produktion des Studio Я / Maxim Gorki Theaters

Text and Direction
Nora Abdel-Maksoud


Directed by

Stage/Costume Design



Artistic collaboration


Eva Bay

Mareike Beykirch

Stella Hilb

Till Wonka