The Exile Ensemble

Over the past months many theatres have made the effort to broach the subject of refugees' situations in Germany. How can the theatre become a space where refugees are represented with self-determination? How can we successfully escape from the arrogant gesture of a privileged institution? The central issue on both sides is one of duration: is theatre, as an institution notoriously obsessed with remaining current, interested in sustainability in their work with refugees? And on the other side, are refugees forced to performatively perpetuate their flight state on a Project basis just as long as they are interesting as protagonists in their own biographies?

The Gorki has decided to take a new approach. The theatre's Exile Ensemble will provide a platform for professional artists who are forced to live in Germany. It makes jobs available – because we believe that is the best way to treat each other as equals. With the help of the Lotto Foundation and Kulturstiftung des Bundes, we managed to formulate a program that should enable seven colleagues in exile to pursue their professions with us for two years.

With continuous dramaturgical support the members of the ensemble will develop projects, that can be toured and be flanked by workshops. The projects will be presented at cooperating theatres. In addition, participants will perform in Gorki projects and productions, and develop smaller evenings of performance, musical formats or lectures in the Studio themselves.

We're looking forward to our new colleagues!