Yiddish: feygele ['feɪɡələ]
           1. A little bird.
           2. A male who is (or who is thought to be) homosexual.

The English term »faggot« is connected to the Yiddish »feygele«, which originally meant »little bird«. From the Yiddish bird came the English insult, later a proud battle cry of gay subculture. In his solo performance, Tobias Herzberg plays on the keyboard of sexual escapism and scratches at the holy covenant of sex and guilt. With a grand gesture he strips all labels from himself: gay, Jewish, German, romantic, nymphomaniac and uncircumcised. A militant hymn to the perverted and endangered of this and all possible worlds.

By and with
Tobias Herzberg
Studio Я

Studio Я

Anschließend Party im Studio-Foyer!

Anschließend Party im Studio-Foyer!


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